The Town's utilities rates and regulations are established by the Town Council and set forth in the Cathlamet Municipal Code. All new customers, whether establishing a new account with existing service or establishing a new connection to water and/or sewer, must complete the appropriate application and submit all applicable fees to Town Hall during regular business hours to establish service.

New Service: (existing service, new owner/renter)
Utility Service Application Web Form
Utility Service Application PDF Form

     Utility Fees & Rates
          + Utility Deposit
          + Turn-on Fee (if applicable)
          + Monthly base rates

New Connections: (no existing service)
Utility Connection Application Web Form
Utility Connection Application PDF Form

     > Utility Fees & Rates
          + Utility Deposit
          + New Connection Turn-on Fee
          + Connection Fees
          + Actual cost of labor & materials
          + Boege Road Sewer Extension Fee (if applicable)

Application & Forms: Utility Forms
Title 13 CMC 
Utility Fees & Rates
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