With the assistance of the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Town of Cathlamet is utilizing clean energy to advance next-generation transportation technologies. ChargePoint, a national leader in electric vehicle charging stations and technology, will install one Express 250 Level 3 DC fast charger through the Electrification of Transportation Systems grants program.

Access: Butler Welcome Lot, 20 Butler Street, Cathlamet, WA. Charging will be available on a first-come, first served basis 24-hours a day.

Charging Rate: Energy charge fee of $0.48 per kWh per minute, plus a Flat session fee of $4.88 per plug-in. Rates are designed to recover operating costs including electricity, maintenance, and the ChargePoint network subscription and processing fees.

How To Pay: To pay for charging at our stations, a ChargePoint account is required. To set up an account and download the mobile app, visit chargepoint.com/drivers/.

Connectors: Any EV with fast charging capabilities can be accommodated with these open standard connectors: CCS1 and CHAdeMO. (Tesla vehicles require an adapter).

Speed: This station can charge at a maximum rate of 250 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour), adding approximately 85-125 RPH for every 30-minutes of charging, depending on the EV battery capacity and its state of charge.