Admin and State - applies to all permits
State Fee - Residential, 1st Unit
State Fee - Plus, per Each Addt. Unit
State Fee - Commercial
Town Fee - Admin
*If actual inspection fees exceed the original amounts charged at the time of obtaining permit, actual charges for inspections shall be invoiced by the town to the permit holder on a quarterly basis after reinspection(s) are performed.
Building – Residential
Residential 120 s.f. to 1,000 s.f.*
1,001 s.f. to 2,000 s.f.*
2,001 s.f. to 3,000 s.f.*
3,001 s.f. to 4,000 s.f.*
4,001 s.f. and up*
Manufactured Homes*
Building – Remodel/Addition
Plans Review
Foundation Inspection
Framing Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
Mechanical (wood stove, heat pump, propane) Inspection
Insulation Inspection
Gypsum Board Inspection
Final Inspection
Attached Shed/Building/Garage (heated)*
Attached Shed/Building/Garage (unheated)*
Attached Carports* (open on 2 sides minimum)
Permit – Commercial/Industrial
Plan Review
Inspections (minimum of 2 hours)
Permit – Miscellaneous
Decks/Patios* (over 30" off the ground)
Basic Permit* (Retaining walls, fences over 6', etc.)
No Fee for Type U-1 Occupancies (unattached private garage, carport, shed, agricultural buildings over 120 s.f. that will be unoccupied.


$800 + notice fees
Shoreline Exemption:
Short Plat:
$200 + $25/lot
$800 + $25/lot
$150 + notice fees
Conditional Use:
Temporary Use:
**Major Variance:
*Minor Variance:
Minor variance is: Cases where hardship to existing buildings or platted property is created as a result of public action or change in ordinance standards. Structure or setback deviations which are characteristic of and common to neighboring uses and which do not exceed a 10 percent departure from any standard of the zoning ordinances as applied to a specific piece of property. A minor variance procedure shall not be applicable or include any proposals involving fencing, shoreland, wetland, or floodplain.
** Major variance is all variances which are not classified as minor.