26 Mar

I am honored to present my second Annual Report to the citizens of our community regarding the state of the Town of Cathlamet. This Report summarizes developments worthy of note during my second year as Mayor (2023) and includes a section looking ahead to challenges facing the Town in 2024. 

No single individual, including the Mayor, is solely responsible for Town governance and operations. Town governance is a collective endeavor entrusted to us by the citizens of Cathlamet, facilitated by an elected Town Council and dedicated Town staff. Transparency and accountability are essential in daily operations and decision-making, whether at Council meetings or at the ballot box. Town policies and budgets are set by the Town Council. As Mayor, I work with Town staff to carry out Council policy, spend budgeted funds wisely, and provide effective ongoing oversight of Town administration in all principal areas of Town responsibility.

In sharing information included in this Report, I want to recognize and acknowledge the work of Town staff in all departments, including Finance and Administration, Public Works, the Fire Department, the Library and Town projects and activities. I am grateful to everyone. Highlights of the past year, by category, are listed in each section of this report.

This document could not have been prepared without essential data ably provided by Town department heads, including Clerk-Treasurer Sarah Clark, Project Manager Annie Watters, Public Works Superintendent David McNally, Fire Chief Vernon Barton, and Librarian Cheri Rendler. However, this report is based on my own notes; therefore, any errors or omissions are my own.

Mayor David Olson 

March, 2024