15 Feb

To coincide with the Town’s 116th birthday (February 18, 2023) Mayor David Olson has released STATE OF THE TOWN: An Annual Report to the Council and Citizens of Cathlamet. The 9-page report summarizes accomplishments and developments during Mayor Olson’s first year (2022) and includes a section looking ahead to challenges and opportunities facing the Town in 2023. 

The State of the Town report is organized into three sections, with the first section summarizing 2022 accomplishments and status of Town departments, including Finance and Administration, Pubic Works, Fire/EMS, and the Town Library. The middle section summarizes Noteworthy Projects, Events & Milestones (2022) and the concluding section “Looking Ahead 2023” highlights specific issues and challenges awaiting the Town in the year ahead.

Mayor Olson states “No single individual, including the Mayor, is solely responsible for Town governance and operations. Town governance is a collective endeavor, facilitated by an elected Town Council and dedicated Town staff, and entrusted to us by the citizens of Cathlamet. I thank Town staff for assistance in preparing this report, and I sincerely thank the Council and citizens of Cathlamet for your trust and the high honor of allowing me to serve as your Mayor.”

Hard copies of the State of the Town report are available to the public free of charge at Town Hall during regular business hours or you can download the report below.