The Town's building codes and permitting regulations are established by the Town Council and set forth in the Cathlamet Municipal Code. Any structural modifications or new construction in town-limits must be permitted. Applicants are required to complete the appropriate forms(s) and submit all applicable fees to Town Hall during regular business hours before a permit will be issued. Use the "Do I Need a Permit" tool below to help you determine if your project will require a permit or contact Wahkiakum Building & Planning for assistance. 

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Title 15 CMC
> Zoning
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Wahkiakum County Building & Planning, 360-795-3067

The Town has adopted the 2018 International Building Codes, including residential, mechanical, fire, and existing building codes, and the energy and duct insulation requirements of Chapter 51-11 WAC of the State's energy codes. Any applicable Wahkiakum County Building & Planning Codes will also apply.
     > Dangerous Buildings - Chapter 15.15 CMC
     > Manufactured Home Parks - Chapter 15.20 CMC
     > SEPA/JARPA/Critical Areas - Title 14 CMC
     > Subdivisions - Chapter 17.32 CMC
     > Zoning - Title 18 CMC