Authority: The Town Council has the responsibility and authority to determine use of Town facilities by non-Town persons and organizations. The term "facilities" shall be defined as any part of the Community Hall, Library, Parks, Swimming Pool, or the Fire Department's Main Fire Station DeBriae training room. 
I. Application required: Persons or groups desiring to use Town facilities must apply in advance for and be granted permission for such use. An Application form may be obtained from the Town Hall. Reservations and questions may be discussed by calling or visiting the Town Hall office during regular business hours: (360) 795-3203. Note: For reservations of the Swimming Pool, contact the Pool Manager at (360) 795-3203; and for reservations of the Library, contact the Librarian at (360) 795-3254.
II. Needs of the Town prevail: Permission to use Town facilities will be conditioned on the needs of the Town for Town use. Applicants should plan their events far enough in advance to afford the Town time to determine the availability of the requested space. Note: The Town reserves the right to cancel a permit to use a Town facility, without notice and without liability, if the needs of the Town so require due to a declared emergency.
III. Prohibited uses: (a) The applied-for use shall not include any activity prohibited by federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation; (b) The use shall not include partisan or non-partisan electioneering, political activities, or religious observances; (c) The use shall not include activities that would reasonably be expected to result in behavior that would expose the Town to legal liability or bring discredit upon the Town. This includes, but is not limited to, loud, abusive, or threatening behavior, violence or threats of violence, or discriminatory behavior, display or brandishing of weapons, horseplay, unsafe behavior, etc.; (d) The use shall not include solicitation, sales, fund-raising, or promotions for profit or non-profit enterprises. Exceptions may be granted for Town sponsored non-profit events; (e) Alcohol, illegal drug, and tobacco use are prohibited in Town facilities; (f) Open flames, candles, lanterns, etc. are prohibited, unless explicitly approved in advance and in writing by the Town Fire Marshal; (g) Using, signs, posters, displays, writings, or other things that leave marks on or otherwise damage the facilities are prohibited.
IV. Use is limited: Authorized use shall be limited to those facilities, dates, times and purposes specified in the Application. Applicants may not sublet or include other users without prior permission from Town.
V. Fees & Deposits: (if any), will be set by the Town Council in the Town's fee schedule. Fees or deposits for events cancelled will be refunded. Applicant will be responsible for any damages to furniture and/or electronics.
VI. Responsible contact person required: Each user of any Town facility shall designate an assigned a contact person, who will be responsible for: opening and locking a meeting room; ensuring that the furniture and equipment are returned to their original locations; and leaving the facility in a clean condition. Use of the Town's technical equipment is prohibited unless authorized on the application.
VII. Insurance: All groups using any Town facility must agree to hold the Town of Cathlamet harmless from, and indemnify the Town against, any and all claims by any person arising from use of the facility. Unless waived by the Mayor, proof of an insurance policy with the Town as beneficiary will be required covering bodily injury and property damage liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence. Greater liability coverage may be required depending upon the activity.
VIII. Public Safety: The applicant shall identify any potential needs for the provision of public safety personnel and equipment related to the facility's use, and request safety provisions from the Mayor or designee. Responsibility for reimbursing the Town for any costs related to fire, law enforcement, traffic, or parking control, etc. shall rest with the applicant.