Business Licenses


The Town of Cathlamet requires all businesses located within the city limits, or who conduct business within the Town limits, to be licensed with the Town.

To submit an online form for a town business license, click here; or to download a printable form, click here*After you submit an online form you will be redirected to the online payment option, please select the appropriate fee for the service you have requested. If you’d prefer to pay via cash or check, please deliver payments to Town Hall.

The Town's business license regulations are established by the Town Council and set forth in CMC Title 5; recently updated by 637-20.

Town Business License Fees are calculated based on the annual revenue of the business and are as follows:

$2,001 - $3,000
$3,001 - $10,000
$10,001 & up
Non-residential $2,000 & up

The Town will soon be partners with Business Licensing Service for one-stop filing of state and city licensing. This combined licensing system makes it easier to connect state and local requirements in one annual transaction for most businesses. Check out the Department of Revenue online, call 360-705-6741 or chat with customer service. We will update this information once we have an anticipated start date.