Utility bills are due on the 5th of every month, unless the 5th falls on a weekend or legal state holiday, then they are due the next business day by 7:30 am. Payments made after the due date each month are considered late and will not be shown as a credit on your new billing statement.
You can make payments online or over the phone with Xpress Bill Pay: www.xpressbillpay.com or 1-877-265-5866

Or you can mail payments or use our secure dropbox at Town Hall, 375 2nd Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612; or call our office during regular business hours at 360-795-3203 x2
Xpress Bill Pay is the service provider used by the Town to process debit and credit transactions. You can signup and use this service free of charge to view and make payments on your utility account. If you need assistance setting up an account, please call 1-800-766-2350.

Sometimes your mailed statements may arrive later than expected. When this happens, you can use Xpress Bill Pay to view your statements and payment history online. You are not obligated to make your payments online if you signup.
Doxo is a service provider that is not affiliated with the Town. We recommend that our customers do not to use this service to make payments. Doxo charges a service fee and the payments do not always arrive on time.

If you'd like to make payments online, please use Xpress Bill Pay.

You can receive e-statements, or paperless billing, by signing up on Xpress Bill Pay. 
The charges on your utility statement are calculated based on the prior months’ usage. E.g. Your October 6th bill is for your September usage and due on November 5th. This gives you roughly 30 days to remit your payment for the prior months’ usage.

The “Balance Due” (or if on Xpress Bill Pay, “Total Due”) is the calculation of the current charges, plus previous charges, plus/minus any adjustments, minus any payments received.

This is the total balance owed on your account at the time of creating the new billing file. If you had a remaining balance owed from the previous month or if you made a payment after the new bills were created, then the balance due will be higher than the current charges due.
The Town's utilities rates and regulations are established by the Town Council and set forth in the Cathlamet Municipal Code, CMC Title 13 Public Utilities.

If a payment is not received in a timely manner, the unpaid bill shall become delinquent and a termination notice shall be given, informing the customer that termination of service shall occur no sooner than 10 days from the date of mailing of the notice of termination of service. Water service may be terminated when any portion of the utility bill is unpaid and delinquent. A $30.00 late charge is applied for any service account which becomes delinquent. CMC 13.15.030

A notice of hearing shall be included on the termination notice given to the customer, as required by CMC 13.15.090. In those cases where billing is sent to an occupant not a property owner, termination notice shall be sent to the property owner as well as the tenant. If a hearing is requested by the utility customer within five business days of mailing of the notice, the hearing shall be arranged in accordance with CMC 13.15.090. Service shall not be terminated until after the date of any hearing. A service charge pursuant to CMC 13.10.060 shall be levied for termination notices which must be paid, prior to reconnection.
You can view more information, including maps and utility rates by clicking here.