Library Board of Trustees

Cathlamet, WA, USA


No vacant positions at this time.


Members are expected to attend all meetings. Failing to attend three consecutive meetings or missing four meetings within any twelve month period, may declare the position vacant.

Trustees are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Town Council.



Board of Trustees shall serve without compensation.


The board establishes the library mission, long-range plan, policies, and as a group provides oversight of the Library Director (Librarian) but must not undermine the authority of the director.

Specific duties include:
  • Know community needs, keep abreast of library trends, and actively participate in state and national library associations.
  • Set up an organizational structure for the library board and adopt bylaws that meet Open Public Meetings laws.
  • Assure that board minutes, library policies, plans, and other information or reports are available to the public as required by law.
  • Once the board adopts a policy or plan all members support the decision and support staff who implement decisions.
  • In coordination with the director, develop and adopt the library's mission statement, long-range, strategic and annual plans.
  • Know local, state, and federal laws related to libraries.
  • Employ a competent and qualified director, maintain a current job description, and evaluate the director annually on previously agreed upon criteria.
  • Clearly delegate operations to library director avoiding procedural micromanaging.
  • Discuss, adopt, and periodically review policies.