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The Town Hall office accepts payments for water/sewer utility bills, new water or sewer hookups, parking tickets, special use permits, various zoning applications, donations to the Fire Department etc. The Town Hall is located at 375 2nd Street. After hours utility payments may be made in the steel drop box located to the right of the Town Hall entrance attached to the building.

Business licenses must be obtained before conducting business within the town limits of Cathlamet. The cost of the license varies from $25.00 to $75.00 per year based on the annual gross profits of the business. Out-of-town businesses must pay $75.00 regardless of income. Out-of-town businesses include area residents who live outside of the town limits but conduct business within the town limits. A business owner who lives outside of the town limits but has a physical address for the business within the town limits is allowed to pay the license fee based on annual gross income. A copy of the business license is available by clicking on this link:Business Licenses

Building permits are issued at the County Building Department. Fees are based on the value of the project. You may examine the fee schedule by clicking on this link:City Service Fees and Charges